Shelley began her culinary adventure in 1972 at a tiny restaurant serving good food, strong coffee and lively conversation. 38 years later she looks back on a tasty life that has always been connected to a kitchen. Shelley’s Biscotti was founded in 1996. Biscotti are mixed and baked with care. Each hand-made biscotti is created using fresh, all natural, local ingredients. Fresh ground spices including Ceylon cinnamon, cardamom and clove lend a delicate aromatic flavor. Fresh grated orange zest, pure vanilla, sweet butter, sea salt and olive oil are all players in the mix.

Our bakery is located in Santa Cruz, California

Hand Formed, Twice Baked, Hand Cut & Artfully Hand Packaged

Product information

Store your biscotti in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Biscotti are best eaten within 4 weeks, but can be stored for up to 8 weeks in a sealed container.

Our biscotti are made in a kitchen that prepares foods that contain wheat (gluten), milk, eggs, peanuts, seeds, tree nuts and chocolate. While some biscotti may not contain all of these ingredients, trace amounts of them may be found in our biscotti.

Our Ingredients

Organic Flours: Milled locally by Guisto’s – South San Francisco, CA

Almonds: Del Rio Nut Company –  Livingston, CA

Vanilla: The Vanilla.COMpany – Santa Cruz, CA

Chocolates & Cocoa: Guittard – Burlingame, CA

Gluten Free Ingredients:  Bob’s Red Mill – Milwaukie, OR